Birthday: October 22nd
Born In: Lebanon, OR
Current Residence: Puyallup, WA
Occupation: Semi-retired Electrical Engineer, currently a Marketing Research Manager
Motto:It is not what you have that counts,what counts is how you use it
Motto: If you know how to read, you have the tool to educate yourself
Computer Experience: Expert
Internet Experience: Intermediate
On Line Since: 1999
Home Page:

circa 1995
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This digest version of my bio is a brief of my 7 plus decades of living on God's green earth, may we forever keep it green and supporting of human life. I know this seems to be a comment on the world I live in, but to me it is far more of a reflection of what has transpired in my lifetime in the good old US of A. I was born of hardworking parents, dad a sometimes teacher when he could get that kind of work, and mom a blue collar supervisor after paying her dues as a production line worker. I was born at the end of the "Great Depression" and Before the United States became involved in World War II (WWII). This era influenced my psyche as I was growing up in life as well as living life, in that I tend to be financially frugal, (a lesson I learned from both Mom & Dad) and I tended to be responsive, competitive, and dedicated to action plans when challenged by direct influences on my survival. This latter was made relatively straight forward without too much struggle, because of the affluent times in the USA after WWII ceased. I was blessed to have been delivered to the family that raised me in close, mostly supporting bonds of love and affection.

My formal schooling took place in the Washington State Education System, one that seems to be lagging today, but was not the case back in the day. My informal training took place at secret spots, places I went to contemplate things such as where space went and other more meaty subjects. I parlayed this education into a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree and subsequently a 30 year career in the Aerospace industry. This career started at Boeing, following an 11 year lull from any formal schooling, and came to a halt about 1990 when the cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union came to an end. Almost to the day the Berlin Wall was torn down, the government contracts were terminated and jobs in Aerospace were reduced. I found myself out of a job and my fourth marriage, eventually ending in divorce, crumbled under the stress of living off of savings and unreal expectations in an area of high unemployment due to government cutback in defense spending. I then moved from Southern California back to Washington State and settled into a career change to market research primarily due to expertise in computers that I had gained over the life of my career, and what I like to think of as a God given capability to lead people in task oriented work.

One foundation of many of my life's activities is my love for research with a goal in mind, be it a new or modified product, personal growth, family history, teaching a class at my church, problem solving, etc. This keystone is strengthened by my love of reading and being comfortable in my solitude while contemplating results, the goal, or whatever other reason I am researching. Now in my later years, I find myself looking forward to times of researching my family history with an ambitious goal of writing in depth family stories (about 14-15), including my own memoirs.

I have been blessed with relatively good health over the years, except for an attention grabbing session with diabetes in my early 70s. It was research on the subject that played a major part of getting my diet under control and my diabetes to a manageable condition. I am left with elevated blood pressure, something that seems to concern my doctor more than it does me, as I seem to thrive on a level of stress that keeps my energy flowing, my activities focused, and my life filled with an attitude of giving and contributing.
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